The Next Generation - Live @ The Bear Bar
Throughout 2012, we recorded many of the great bands and solo artists who played at The Bear Bar, the next generation of musicians in Chiang Mai, and compiled some of the best tracks into this live CD.

Video & mixes
MixChange The World (Nong Kwai)
MixSomething (Bee & Mai)
MixVamos A Bailar (Nok 'La Fiesta')
MixDtim (Mart)
MixTake The Money And Run (Jam Session)
MixBrother (Handism)
MixDon't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight (Air Quartet)
MixLeave My Little Girl Alone (Jam Session)
MixPride And Joy (Jeffro Sills)
MixFalling In Love (Aon)
MixDrifting Petal (Aom & Best)
MixAnji (Tom)

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